Unusual Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Unusual father’s day gift ideas

Father’s day gift ideas are everywhere at the moment aren’t they. I can’t say I am a major fan of mugs with best dad on the world written on but my children seem to love them! Watch out Jonny!

For father’s day gifts I always bought my own dad a really good cigar and made him a handmade card. I did this from about age 10 to age 30! Clearly I didn’t use much imagination , or really think about his health but he was always very happy with his gift.

When it comes to gifts for him I do come a bit unstuck. Women are SO much easier to buy for I think, even if you only have a little bit of money a new lippies or novel usually goes down a treat.

The Handpicked Collection do have some lovely items in their  gifts for him range however and some real treats for tfethers day which we were invited to pick from for reviewing.

We chose the Natural slate Cheeseboard one of their best sellers at £14.95. Apparently it keeps cheese at the righ t temperature, it looks cool and comes with chalk!

father's day gift idea


Looks very classy doesn’t it! As always with hthe handpicked collection you classy, unusual gift choices.

Other gifts they have that caught my eye  in their top ten father’s day picks include:

Pencil sharpener desk tidy

A fun picture

A beginners stargazer’s stellarscope


But we are not having this in our house…..


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