Tots to Travel: An Interview with Wendy Shand

Today – Tots to Travel: An Interview with Wendy Shand

Travelling with a baby abroad or even in this country can be a complete nightmare, can’t it. How are you really supposed to know if it is a safe, child-friendly environment you are going to. Will people mind a bit of baby sick…will you have to take your highchair, will you be able to warm up bottles. let your little one toddle or crawl around? It can be an anxious and stressful time.


Worries about whether those little things will all be sorted can blight a holiday. It’s the little things that make all the difference, isn’t it? Particularly with under-fives, stair gates can make or break a holiday!

Wendy Shand from Tots to Travel has made a business around taking care of you child-centred needs when you go on holiday.

So Wendy thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Can you tell me a bit about Tots to travel?

Tots to travel is like a family travel dating site! We match families to holidays that are absolutely right for them.We aim to give parents with young children and babies peace of mind and a stress-free family holiday experience – from start to finish. We vet every single property we represent.

What prompted you to start the business

My son, aged 2 , fell into an unenclosed swimming pool whilst we were on holiday in France. It was utterly terrifying. Luckily he was fine  but it jolted me and prompted me to want to ensure families had safe vetted places where they could go on holiday.

So the next step…

Well initially I was flying around and zipping about in my little red Renault twingo visiting every property we were going to be working with. I was  training up the property owners and vetting the homes to ensures great provision was on hand for families with young children.

We have so many properties we work with now and we have trained staff (all mums) across Europe and the UK who do this  ensuring each property and their owners  meet our strict standards before we represent their property.

What do you think are the benefits for families of travelling through Tots to Travel?
It saves them time and the stress of endless internet searches. We have an extremely high rebook rate which speaks for itself and our customer service is excellent.

You have personally won lots of awards Wendy for your business skills and Tots to Travel have too for their customer service. What do you think is the secret of your success?

‘We are a company that goes to extreme lengths to give families exactly what they want from their holiday.’

How reassuring!

So for peace of mind reassurance and excellent customer service Tots to Travel is a fab holidays provider.

My personal view is if you are going to be spending money on a holiday you want to be sure its going to meet your whole families needs or it isn’t going to be happy and it is just going to  be a waste of precious money. Tots to Travel have wonderful reviews and Wendy’s sound like a very safe pair of hands to put yourself in.



I hope you have enjoyed reading Tots to Travel: An Interview with Wendy Shand




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