Top tips for travelling with a baby

Top tips for travelling with a baby


If becoming a parent for the first time is daunting enough, you’d have to be crazy to think about packing up the whole family for a few days away.  Right?  Wrong!  With plenty of forward-planning and a handy packing list, your first family holiday can be enjoyable for all!

Be realistic

If this is your first time away with a new baby, chances are you’ll want to keep them in their usual routine.  This probably means you won’t be able to cover as much ground if it was just adults travelling once you’ve factored in nap time and feeding stops.  If you don’t put too much stress on yourself, you and your baby are likely to have a much better time!  Do think about what you want to get out of the holiday.  Are you hoping for quality time as a new family or do you have your eye on visiting a certain place?  Make sure you set aside a day for that special day out so you feel like you’ve had a holiday too.

Top tips for travelling with a baby

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Lists, lists, lists!

To make your holiday as smooth as possible, start writing a detailed packing list as soon as you can.  Although it’s easy enough to pick up a duplicate elsewhere in the UK, you won’t want the hassle of finding the right shop or to shell out unnecessary cash.  If you’re choosing to rent a holiday cottage in Cornwall, check what facilities are provided.  Most self-catering holiday rentals provide cots, high chairs and stair gates which will certainly mean the car journey is more comfortable!  Think about any extras which might be useful on holiday in an unfamiliar location; a nightlight is useful for night time feeds and a baby sling will mean you can access uneven terrain more easily.


Renting a self-catering holiday home is a fantastic option for the budget conscious.  Perhaps stay for a couple of nights for your first time away or book a week if you’re feeling super brave!  The packing and the travelling are the hardest part, so once you’ve arrived you can just enjoy your holiday.  Sykes Cottages have a great selection of holiday cottages across the UK and Ireland so choosing a budget-friendly break is easy.  Having your own kitchen means you can take baby food from home or stock up at the local supermarket to keep costs down.  Once you’ve settled the baby for the night, you’ll be able to cook something delicious without paying for expensive restaurant meals.






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