Top tips for a cheap green kitchen

Top tips for a cheap green kitchen

Thanks Kate for a fab, green guest post that affects all of us…some top tips indeed! Over to Kate….

Thanks to Becky at Baby Budgeting for allowing me to write this guest post. I’m expecting my first child in May and invested in “How to afford time off with your baby” a few months ago. I really enjoyed reading it and felt compelled to offer a few of the money saving, green tips I have learned working at kitchen appliance retailer, Appliances Online…

When it comes to eco-friendly tips, the words green and cheap often go hand in hand, especially in the world of kitchen appliances. The most obvious way to go green is to choose the most energy efficient models in your budget next time you upgrade, which will save you money in the long run. But if you’re not ready to change your appliances there are still ways you can reduce energy usage (and electricity bills) in the kitchen. Here are my top five tips:

1.      Cool leftovers before freezing – using leftovers is a great way to save on grocery bills but make sure the food has cooled before freezing or putting it in the fridge. If you put hot food in a fridge or freezer it will raise the internal temperature of the appliance. This can spoil your stored food and your appliance has to work harder to regain its original temperature – which unnecessarily wastes energy.

2.      Use your sensor tumble dry settings – yes, in an ideal world we’d all be line drying our clothes to save on electricity but in the “lovely” British climate this isn’t always possible. Plus, if you live in an apartment like I do, you probably won’t have the space to air your clothes outside so you’ll find you have days where the tumble dryer is in very high demand.

Sensor drying stops means the machine automatically stops when the laundry is done. Many of us just estimate the length of cycle with the timer settings and this leads to over drying and energy wastage.

3.      Iron clothes when damp – leave a little moisture in your tumble dried clothes and they’ll iron more easily. The benefits of this are threefold; you save energy in your tumble dryer, you don’t waste water re-dampening the fabric to get rid of difficult creases, and ironing is far easier (which saves electricity as well as your valuable time). Sensor tumble dryers often have several drying levels to help you choose – cupboard dry, hanger dry and iron dry.

4.      Use your pan lids – because heat can’t escape a covered pan will boil water in a fraction of the time of an uncovered pan. Not only does this save energy, it’ll help get tea on the table much more quickly.

5.      Completely cover hob burners with pans – using a pan which doesn’t completely cover the burner on your hob allows heat and energy to escape – so save energy by not using small pans on large burners.

Hope this post has been useful – for more kitchen appliance tips you can read the Appliances Online blog.


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