Top Ten Budgeting Tips for a SAHM or SAHD

Top Ten Budgeting Tips for a SAHM

Having less money and yet more time in which to spend money is the lot of most stay at home parents.  Here are some essential budgeting tips for a sahm or dad to take on board to help them live well on less. 


Top Ten Budgeting Tips for a SAHM

1.    Get creative

From sewing up hems to making simple dresses sewing is a fab skill for a SAHM. Painting plant posts and crafting cards is also a handy money saver. Baking cookie and fudge make wonderful gift ideas, be crafty and creative and it wills serve you well.

Budgeting Tips for a SAHM


2.    Be mindful about money

Know what you have coming in and know what your essential outgoings are. Know what you have to save and save it. Know what you have spare each week to live on. Now you can budget accordingly. I can’t begin to tell you how essential this simple strategy is to avoiding debt and managing well.

3.    Take a Walk

Leave the car and the petrol costs behind and get into the groove of walking. Fresh air is fabulous for you and your child and it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy without the gym cost. You’ll soon get used to it.

4.    Embrace preloved,

Charity shops, car boot sales and eBay all take a little time to browse but you will have more of this now and preloved items are the way forward. From gifts to clothes and toys once you realise how much you save you will be hooked!

5.    Play for free You don’t need to spend your days flitting with your child from class to soft play to swimming lessons spending money. Instead learn all about what’s fab and free in your local area; museums, lidos, parks, nature trails, parent and toddler groups, and of course use your library!

6.    Spread the word.

Tell your family and friends that becoming a SAHM has changed your finances as a family and so for a few years at least gifts and socialising will be affected. Once you have said this out loud you can breather saying no and giving smaller gifts will then become absolutely okay.

7.    Learn to cook. You have more time now and cooking from scratch and knowing how to use up leftovers will all save you money.  The internet is a great place for budget foodie blogs or recipes.

8.    Coffee at yours

Don’t fill your days meeting friends for coffee instead open up your home, children enjoy it much more and it is far cheaper than meeting in a coffee shop. Most will then return the favour.


9.    Use the internet wisely. Don’t let it ever take over from real life but do learn what it can give you; ontact with other mums in similar positions, discount savings site, money off vouchers for pretty much anything and brilliant budgeting advice blogs (like this one!)

10. Change your mindset

You may not have designer clothes but you have time with your child which is one of the greatest ever gifts. You can still have a fabulous life you just need to think outside the box. For example home swap with friends who live somewhere very different for a lovely holiday on a budget. Have Cleudo and spaghetti with your good friends instead of a night out at a restaurant.  Give your partner a back massage a love letter and their favourite tea instead of as birthday gift instead of boring old cufflinks.


 Enjoy your time as a stay at home parents and I hope these tips serve you well. Oh and be a good friend too these budgeting tips for a SAHM could be a great thing to print off and give to a pal in the same boat.



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