Baby’s Here: Top Android Apps for New Moms

Baby’s Here: Top Android Apps for New Moms

It’s estimated a colossal 353,000 babies are born every single day around the world, with our modern society constantly looking for new ways to make motherhood that little bit easier. As a new mom, it’s completely normal to have worries and fears. In fact, almost all fears new moms experience are the same, so you’re not alone and should never feel guilty about feeling overwhelmed at times.

But luckily, the world of technology has responded with a huge array of parenting apps specifically designed for new moms. Whether you want to help your baby get to sleep or track your baby’s feeding times, there’s an app for virtually everything baby-related. So, if you have a smartphone and want to put it to good use for both you and your baby, here are some of today’s top Android apps for new moms.

Android Apps for New Moms


Mom Maps

When playing a day out with your baby, it’s essential to know all the baby-friendly places in your local area. In an ideal world, everywhere would happily accept babies into their establishment but, unfortunately, not everywhere does, and you don’t want to plan to go somewhere just to get turned away!

Mom Maps allows you to instantly connect with all the baby-friendly places near your current location, including museums, restaurants, parks and stores. And, once you’ve visited somewhere, you can ‘pin it’ on the map to show your approval to any other new moms considering going.

But before you plan a day outdoors, it’s important to have an app like Weather Live Free by your side to ensure you don’t head out when bad weather is due. Learn more to ensure both you and your baby don’t get caught in an upcoming storm!


Baby MedBasics

Not everyone is a healthcare professional but, when it comes to your baby, it’s essential you know how to deal with any emergency medical situations.

Baby MedBasics provides lifesaving tips essential for your baby’s first year of life and gives detailed information on how to deal with scenarios like choking or burns. Then, if you do ever find yourself in an emergency medical situation, you’ll be equipped with all the lifesaving knowledge you need until the professionals take over.


Milk Maid

For breastfeeding moms, Milk Maid will become your new best friend. Allowing you to precisely calculate how much milk your baby is having every feeding session and how long each feed lasts for, you’re able to record your baby’s feeding patterns at all times. You can even track exactly when you pump to ensure you stay on top of expiry dates and aren’t feeding your baby the wrong quantities.

No one said becoming a mom was going to be easy but, with the help of today’s Android apps, it doesn’t have to be as challenging as people often assume. From planning days out to tracking exactly how much your baby is being fed, these apps will do some of the hard work for you, giving you more time to simply enjoy motherhood and bonding with your baby.

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