Too busy to take care of yourself?

Too busy to take care of yourself

Have you ever felt really rubbish but been so busy running round after the kids you just haven’t done anything about it?

Not taking care of ourselves because we are prioritising everyone and everything else is a quite a common situation for parents. In my experience working mums seem to find carving time out for themselves harder then most other groups. Stress is very common.

This may be due to guilt about working so when they are with their children they don’t want to take any more time away.

The trouble is with ignoring health problem s we can make them worse. We can also end up short tempered and ill equipped to do all that we need to do thus making us even more time short and our shattered bodies even more stressed,

We have to take action. If we are feeling ill we really need to …


Calling in sick and NOT taking our child out of nursery or booking annual leave and NOT taking out child out of nursery is not the crime of the century. It is merely giving ourselves the space we need to rest.

Be kind to ourselves

Turning down social invitations, going to bed when the kids do are all okay. Don’t try and be all things to all people when you feel ill you need to relax and get well.

Get the support you need.

From calling in a cleaning service through  to exploring visiting an online doctor such as Medicines 2 U it is really important to access the help you need.You can also get an online prescription here if you don’t have time to go and collect one.

You may have to be creative and think outside the box a little… maybe even book a massage in your lunch hour for example. But you are worth it and if you aren’t functioning well then it will all go pear shaped  so do make sure you squeeze in the support and care you need when you are sick.

You matter too.


Have a read of my post on how to manage self-care as a mother 


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