The Tesco Challenge

I was challenged to visit the special offer section in, and spend at least £20 on items on promotion. All the offers are in one place, over 1,000 each week, so they’re easy to find. Not only can you find BOGOFs and half price deals, you can also see offers by department. I thought this was great as it encouraged me to look at groceries I would not normally have considered.

Now for the creative bit…My mission!

After your shopping is delivered, you’ll need to create 5 meals during the week using the items on promotion.

Okay here goes …..

Blueberries + Coppella apple juice (not massive veg lovers I like to get lots of great fruit in my kids)

A picnic/party style lunch with on offer hula hoops and wholemeal rolls

Here are our on offer green beans and on offer quorn crispy fillets. Lovely

I also made special offer vegetarian kievs with new potates and carrots and quorn nuggets (again on offer) with on offer ready-prepared mash and beans.

These wereasy meals, healthy and very good value dueto the special Tesco offers.  Do check out their promotions it may just inspire you to try something new.

Mission complete!

Tesco gave mne avoucher towards this special shop


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