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My daughter loves to create things, pictures, paintings, models, perfume, etc.  She is confident and imaginative and being creative is a huge part of who she is.She absolutely adored the Craft All Day Jar we were sent to review from the Great Little Trading Company.  I wanted to see what she would create all by herself so I opened the craft jar, popped on some music and made her a little juice. I said her to do whatever she wished with the craft jar and then I left her to it.Look what she made….!GLTC


I am so in awe of her imagination – a birdy gift and colourful feather cards for her friends birthdays made entirely from the contents of the craft jar. How wonderful. The jar contains card, pom poms feather, tissue paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaner stickers, letter and so on. Amazing! It seems to go on forever.

Later she made a model of her teacher Miss H…look how proud she is. How wonderful that at 4 she can think plan, organise, herself and create. As a parent I do find it hard to back off and not interfere sometimes but it’s when I do back off that my children really spread their wings.


The craft all day set cost £25 and is available from GLTC who have 15% off this weekend.


My son used to love to paint and draw but has become slightly self conscious lately. The best way to engage him is for him to have ‘props’ to use like stencils or stickers or in this case dinosaur stamps. These distract him for worrying if his picture is good enough and give him something to work with. The Dinosaur finger printing art set from GLTC is lots of fun. It has stamps of feet, beaks, spikes and eyes and different coloured inks and pencils to make some wonderful creatures. It retails at £8.

My little boy was totally absorbed in creating his funky orange monster:



Not only do these sets keep my kids entertained for hours I save a fortune on buying cards!


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  1. May 11, 2012 / 8:33 am

    You have been a busy crafty bee!! How lovely 🙂

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