The importance of life insurance for parents

Life insurance provides financial protection when someone passes away. For parents, life insurance is especially important because it provides you with the peace of mind that your immediate family will be financially secure if something happens to you.

Here are some of the reasons why life insurance is essential for parents.


The importance of life insurance for parents

Peace of Mind

Life insurance can give you the peace of mind that your children and spouse will be financially secure if you pass away. If both parents pass away, the children will be covered for a significant amount of time. Signing up for a life insurance policy can be scary however, once you have it, the peace of mind will outweigh any fears that you might be having about the future.


Asset Protection

If you don’t have life insurance and you are paying off your mortgage, you might not be covered for your mortgage payments if you pass away. Therefore, signing up for life insurance might be the best thing you can do to protect your major assets.

When you have assets and your children are adults, they might need to take over your assets when you pass away. However, there are legal matters that will require the help of a legal professional such as a probate lawyer. Find out more about probate in AFG Law’s extensive guide.


Provides Sickness Cover

Some life insurance policies provide sickness cover to pay for unexpected costs associated with serious illness. For example, if you become sick and you need a live-in carer, some insurance policies will allow you to tap into your insurance to pay for additional costs and unexpected costs.


Financial Help for Your Family

If your spouse is on a low income or you have little or no savings, it is vital that you consider life insurance as a parent because you want to make sure that your family is financially secure if you sadly pass away.


Funeral Cover

Funerals are expensive and unless you have substantial savings or a large monthly salary, a funeral might place a financial strain on your family. Most life insurance policies come with funeral cover to provide financial assistance for anything associated with the funeral.


For Parents with No Assets

If you have no assets, life insurance is a good investment. Paying monthly life insurance premiums will ensure that your children or close family members receive some financial help as you will have no valuable assets to pass down, a life insurance policy can replace the assets, providing your family with a financial cushion when you are gone.

Life insurance is something that many parents want to avoid due to the fear of facing the inevitable. However, taking up a life insurance policy as a parent will give you peace of mind, asset protection, it will provide financial support for your family as well sickness cover if you become seriously ill. Finally, life insurance can help with expensive funeral costs thus relieving your family of the financial burden often associated with funding a funeral.



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