Planning For Your Next Baby: Tips for Modern Families   

Making the decision to grow your family and to have another family member is no easy feat. You must consider all the aspects of bringing a life into the world, for it is a rather large responsibility! At the same time, it should not feel like a chore. This is a truly exciting chapter of your life unfolding, and for some people, it is all they have ever dreamt of.  


Suppose you are in the position where you are planning to add another baby to your family. You might be wondering what you need to know and how best you go about preparing yourself and those around you for this journey. If that is the case, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. 


Detailed in this piece are some of the tips for modern families who are seeking to have another baby. Whether you wish to conceive in 2021 or are intending this plan for some time in the future, we feel confident there is something of value below. Read on for more!  


Planning For Your Next Baby

Monitor Fertility 


It goes without saying, but this is an essential factor that must be addressed when having a baby. Monitoring the fertility levels of yourself and your partner is crucial, not to mention knowing certain times of the month when your fertility levels spike, giving you the best possible chance at conception.  


Contemplating whether there are elements of your life that are contributing towards your increased or decreased fertility levels is also critical. Not to mention establishing what you can do to combat any fertility issues that you are experiencing.  


Erectile dysfunction is a commonly experienced health condition for males in the UK, affecting a vast majority at some point in their lives. It can be embarrassing and anxiety-inducing to address but know there are things you can do to combat it. 


Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, can be used to tackle these issues. Available through your GP and a range of pharmacies like Chemist Click and others, you can learn more here 


Planning For Your Next Baby

Maintaining a Healthy and Nutritious Diet 


While there are recommendations from healthy authorities on what should be done while trying to conceive a child, there is a range of other healthy habits that can be adopted, both by yourself and your partner. You never know; you could start implementing these things into your lifestyle for this journey and uphold them well into the future.  


Naturally, one main thing that should be monitored is your alcohol intake and how many cigarettes you are consuming if you are a smoker. Make a conscious effort to avoid alcohol and to either reduce the number of cigarettes you are smoking or quitting entirely.  


Cigarettes are said to impact the fertility of males; chemicals released by the cigarettes significantly impact the chances of your conceiving. There are various resources and support groups out there for tackling this type of thing should you decide to.  


Experts recommend that women should take folic acid both during conception and in the first trimester of pregnancy. Folic acid positively contributes to your baby’s crucial developmental stages and gives them the best chance at not developing any neural tube defects.  



Consider Your Mental Well-Being 

Trying for a baby is undoubtedly an exciting time in your life; there is no doubt about it! Gearing up for this new chapter in your life will take some adjustment, and you will be spending a lot of time focusing on other elements of your life.  


While we recognise this takes a lot of planning and that several things need to be considered, you must take the time to care for yourself throughout the process. We aren’t just talking about your physical health here, either. You want to ensure you are caring for your mental well-being during this precious time. 


If you are keen to have another baby, you may well have been trying for some time to no avail. This recurrent disappointment can have drastic impacts on your mental well-being, which could also contribute to your ability to conceive.  


Ensure you are practising self-care and looking after yourself wholly in this time. Talking to experienced professionals about your struggles is always advised; they can guide you through the process and provide you with any services or resources which could help you with this experience.


Not to mention, talking to family and friends and asking for their support and encouragement can also go a long way. Just know, you are not alone in this, and it will be totally worth it in the end. 


We hope this piece has shed some light on what you should consider when planning your next baby. While these were only a few of the things you should consider, we hope you are feeling inspired moving forward!  


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