The holiday health experiment: you could win a holiday!

Kuoni and Nuffield Health have launched a project called the Holiday Health Experiment. It is specifically aimed at busy parents who feel they need a holiday and are interested in seeing the impact on their health. As part of this research, Kuoni wants to hear about how much people in the UK need a holiday and why. Kuoni will then select 3 successful entrants and their traveling companions to be given a free personal health assessment and a free luxury holiday. There are three holiday types to be awarded to successful entrants including:

  • a luxurious beach holiday
  • an adventurous volunteering holiday
  • and an exotic far flung holiday

How great does that sound!!!

To kick off the Holiday Health Experiment, Kuoni has looked at conversations on Twitter to see how many people in the UK are already expressing the need to go on holiday. Overall, people in the UK tweeted about wanting or needing a holiday over 70,000 times across the year!

There are more details about the Holiday Health Experiment on the Kuoni website, here, where you can sign up. How brilliant would it be to win a holiday!


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