Raising the weekly childcare voucher cap allowance

Busy Bees Benefits is running a campaign called ” Mind the Gap – Raise the Cap ” to raise the weekly childcare voucher cap allowance from £55 to £75 for basic rate taxpayers, to make childcare more affordable for working parents.

childcare vouchers

The campaign has been launched to persuade the government to make the change. an online petition which requires 100,000 signatures for the issue to be eligible for debate in the House of Commons, with the intention to get the cap raised in the 2013 Budget. Bear in mind it hasn’t changed since 2006!!

Here are a few benefits of raising the cap:

Raising the cap will:

  • Help to make extra savings on the cost of childcare for working parents.
  • Help close the gap between the cost of childcare and the amount of savings available to working parents from childcare vouchers.
  • Help employers attract more parents into work and retain talented staff.
  • Help businesses make further savings on national insurance contributions.
  • Benefit all working parents as childcare vouchers can be used to pay for any registered childcare for children up to the age of 16.

Please sign the e-petition


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