The Day is Here, Monkey Music & Nordoff Robbins

Today sees the release of The Day is Here’ a charity single  which will be used in Monkey Music sessions and sold online to raise funds for the Nordoff Robbins charity. Nordoff Robbins is a cause close to my heart.

When I was 18 I went to work in Minnesota at a wonderful at an amazing place called Camp Friendship. I was a camp counsellor working with adults and children with learning disabilities for the summer and It was the most wonderful job I have ever had (yes even better than blogging including the Ritz visit and interviewing Bear!)

My job at Camp Friendshiop was to teach music therapy to children and adults with learning disbailities and I saw the again and again transformative and healing powers of music therapy in action. It raised self esteem and confidence, it encouraged communication and touch and it enabled expression and mostly it drew peoplw together and was joyful.

A specialist organisation, Nordoff Robbins deliver 50,000 music therapy sessions per year to a wide range of schools; care homes and hospitals in the UK. Qualified music technicians work with those suffering the challenges of autism; dementia, mental health problems; stroke; brain injuries; learning difficulties, depression and terminal illnesses.
music therapy

The single is written specifically for Monkey Music, is performed by youngsters and tells the story of a thrilling running race – perfect for this year of sporting activity.

Angie Coates, founder of Monkey Music said:
“Both Monkey Music and Nordoff Robbins offer children fresh opportunities and life changing experiences through music. We believe that by working together we can raise awareness of the benefits of music for everyone.
The Day is Here is released today and is now on sale directly through the Monkey Music website
I’m sure your child would love it.


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