Don’t be a fair-weather friend to your home… choose the right buildings insurance to cover your house this winter

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Don’t be a fair-weather friend to your home… choose the right buildings insurance to cover your house whatever the weather.

Follow our simple guide and get the best buildings insurance to help your home weather a storm.

The Great British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but one thing’s for sure, your home will have to stand up to the elements this winter.

Ice, snow, rain and severe winds can all wreak havoc on property, with storms and extreme weather causing millions of pounds of damage to UK homes every year. Whether you’re planning to batten down the hatches at home or escape for some winter sun, you’ll want to know you’ve got the right cover, including buildings insurance, in place.

So what can you do to storm-proof your home? Follow our simple guide and shop for an appropriate buildings insurance policy to help give yourself peace of mind:

Branch out

Falling trees and branches can devastate roofs and windows in a storm. Keep overhanging trees near your home cut back and talk to your local council about maintenance of any nearby trees that cause concern.

Up on the roof

Check your roof for leaks, especially at penetration points such as drains and edges. If your property has a thatched roof, or is listed, it could impact on your buildings insurance premium, so consider a survey to get a realistic idea of the re-build costs.

falling down house

Flood pains

Be prepared for flood damage by keeping sandbags at home and should your house become flooded, remember to turn off the mains water. It’s also a good idea to move valuables and electrical equipment to a higher floor if you can. (If you live in a flood-prone area, it may affect your buildings insurance premiums so always check with your provider.)

Emergency service

The more you can do to minimise damage once it happens, the less you’ll have to spend on expensive emergency repairs, so keep your home tool-kit well stocked and maybe even equip yourself with some basic DIY-skills.

Buildings insurance

Should the weather get the better of your property this winter, having a good buildings insurance policy in place will help you get back on track.

Buildings insurance will cover the structure of your home – not the contents  – and will help you replace and repair permanent fixtures and fittings like kitchens and bathrooms as well as outbuildings, roofs and drains.

You’ll need to supply your insurer with information about your home such as the construction date, materials used and the full cost to rebuild.

Whatever your type of home, you’ll want to protect it, so always talk to a name you can trust for expert advice and customer service, like Halifax. They offer great value buildings insurance – just take a look at their website to find out more



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  1. October 13, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    Very informative content
    What would building insurance cover if I had a fire?

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