The Angry Birds Water Game #savesummer

The Angry Birds Water Game

Well it’s time to play the angry bird water game this week on Asdas #savesummer scheme and so we are recreating angry birds in our garden. Asda sent us chalk and water balloons which are all you really need for this fab game (oh and dry clothes!)

Here is how you play…

1  First off use chalk to draw the piggies on the pavement

2 Fill up your water balloons and use a marker to carefully draw on their angry faces. (>_<) More splattered on me than filled the balloons which the kids found hilarious!

Angry Birds Water Game

3 Then take aim and  fire your birds! The aim is to try and wash off the pigs with as few balloons as possible.

This was great fun, no-ones knows who won and there was certainly some very wet kids and a lot of chalk piggy left but no-one cared. It gave a whole new dimension  to playing with pavement chalk!



So what do you think of the Angry Birds Water Game


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