Ten top tips on dressing well for mums

I’ve long been looking for advice on dressing well for mums and finally here are some top tips from a top designer

Today there is a high chance that you will get food wiped down your front, have tears cried onto your shoulder and the hem of your skirt tugged on with grubby mitts to get your full attention. It is time to spend a bit of time caring for yourself and your wardrobe and these simple rules will help you on your way to feeling more organized, more beautiful and more stylish.

1. Don’t impulse buy – Chances are what you purchase won’t go with anything else in your wardrobe and will end up being shoved to the back and forgotten – a huge waste of money.

2. Key words you should think about when shopping – Comfort, Versatility and Durability. You don’t want to buy clothes that are restricting, delicate and difficult to wear

3. Invest in quality basics that will last. We can remove ourselves from the disposable, throw away society and yet retain an interest in fashion trends and look after our environment too – We should care about creating a world that our children can be proud of after all!

4. Stand in front of the mirror and take a proper look. What are your favourite features? What are less happy with? Analyse yourself – it may be hard, but remember that the body you have now gave you your baby. Enjoy it.

5. Know what shapes suit you and avoid those that don’t, wearing shapes that don’t suit will only make you doubt the fabulous body that you have. Most fashion magazines now have brilliant articles illustrating how to dress for your shape.

6. Know what colours suit you – When you look in the mirror and think “I look good today” try and remember what colour it is you’re wearing, chances are it is the colour that’s making you look so great!

7. Watch Gok Wan – The man loves women’s bodies and really knows what he is talking about. For Gok all it takes is great fitting lingerie to improve an outfit – it will make you look gorgeous on the outside as well as feel great on the inside.

8. Accessorize – Feeling down? A little flower corsage or brooch can make a real difference to your outfit and your mood. Want to improve your shape? A long necklace will make the torso appear longer and a belt at the waist will cinch in a top, revealing an hourglass figure.

9. Get into layering – it is a timeless look that is great for keeping warm or quick cooling down when you are feeling flustered and rushed off your feet!

10. Finally, look out for discounts and special offers. Most companies have seasonal sales and a few have year round discounts that can really help you save money.

By Jo Milner at Sotto e Sopra – www.sottoesopra.co.uk   Thank you Jo!

A little bit more about Sotto e Sopra

Pauline Mathewson and Christine Foden, who met through their young daughters five years ago whilst working in 2 very different professions, created Sotto e Sopra. Pauline is an Australian based in the UK running a large legal practice; Christine runs a specialist ‘behind the scenes’ fashion design consultancy d.cipherfm which advises brands on forthcoming colour trends.

Whilst chatting about new ideas, they discovered a gap in the market that they feel particularly passionate about; where do you get good simple tops? As Christine says, “I’ve been searching for the ultimate long sleeved simple top for years and nothing has yet come close – so we made it ourselves”. Sotto e Sopra have created a range of flattering tops that hang well, don’t ride up, wash easily and are made from ‘green’ fabric. That’s eco green. They don’t just sell green tops.”



  1. July 14, 2010 / 6:12 pm

    There are some really good tips here. I try and do most of them. The only one I fall down on is impulse buying i.e went shopping today to buy trainers for my 3 year old and came back with a bag and trousers for me – they were not on the list!.

  2. Becky
    July 14, 2010 / 6:34 pm

    What are you like!

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