Taking Part in the New Price Drop at Tesco

This year Tesco is doing a ‘New Price Drop’: hundreds of prices dropped around the country, not on silly things you never buy but on those absolute essentials we all need to buy week in and week out. Items like

* bread
* eggs
* fresh fruit
* frozen vegetables
* (ooh and cakes and biscuits ..not that I ever buy them (ahem!! )

Well now you are being invited to take part in this campaign at Tesco – The New Price Drop is a fab idea where you really get to have a say. You can go to the New Price Drop Facebook page to pick items you want to see added to the list. Items selected the most will be added to the Price Drop.

I did a quick poll of the school gate mums to see what they thought should be added to the list and I was surprised to see how often loo rolls came up and washing powder. Our kids are in reception class though and I think this speak volumes about our choices. How funny!!

Photo credit: Fimb

Maybe those with teenagers would say deoderant or those with babies would say nappies. We all have different priorities don’t we! I know we buy most of our juice from the supermarket and it is expensive..that would be my number one (along with the loo rolls!!!)
It is well worth popping over to The New Price Drop on Facebook to add things to the price drop. You might just get exactly what you ask for!

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  1. February 27, 2012 / 11:42 pm

    If there is one set of items that are totally over the top its the free from section. I dunno how I live lol x

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