3 Tips To Stylish Dressing in Autumn

Stylish Dressing in Autumn

Guaranteed sunshine during the summer months in the UK is never something we’ve been fortunate enough to have. However, there’s no doubt that the most temperamental season in the UK is autumn; one minute there is glorious sunshine and we’ve half convinced ourselves we’re en route for an Indian summer, next minute we’re reaching for our gloves and the next our trusty umbrellas! It’s no wonder that the autumn months are difficult for women who want to dress for the season and look stylish.

So that you never get caught out by the elements, follow our top three tips to stylish autumn dressing…

1)    Signature jacket

Find your signature jacket for this autumn! Don’t you hate that moment when you look outside your window, see the grey sky, reach for your winter coat only for you to step outside and regret putting it on immediately? We’ve all been there. So when a heavy winter coat is too warm and your light summer jacket is not warm enough, it’s time to find an in-between jacket for these transitional months.

The great news is that there is plenty of choice this autumn –so whether you’re looking for short or long, there are styles to suit all shapes and sizes.

This check blazer from Cotton Traders is a great example of a shorter jacket which you can wear for a smart outfit during the day.  

Stylish Dressing in Autumn


2)    Don’t go into ‘winter’ mode!

As the warm weather leaves us behind the first thing most people do is head to the dark section of clothing in their wardrobes – the drab trousers, the bulky jumpers – those clothes you feel you should be wearing just because it’s cold and grey outside.

Autumn and even winter clothing doesn’t have to be drab – to stand out amongst the masses of grey and black this autumn wear something bright, pale or patterned. If there’s one colour that everyone is talking about this season, it’s pink. Pink coats, pink tops, pink trousers, the fashion world is going crazy for it. These ‘aubergine’ cord trousers from Cotton Traders are comfortable and bang on trend.

If you’re wanting something a bit different, patterned trousers are a grey way to add some colour to your wardrobe without being overpowering – ‘cigarette pants’ are perhaps the most flattering style for most body shapes when it comes to purchasing patterned trousers.

3)    Layer your clothing!

Whilst a trouser/jumper combination can be stylish when put together well, the last thing you want to do is to wear up all your cosy knits too soon! For autumn, the best tip is to wear a few light layers so that you can be prepared for all eventualities (and bring an umbrella too!)

There you have it, three tips to staying stylish this autumn – from choosing the right jacket to avoiding falling into autumn fashion bad habits.



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