Spottiswoode Trading: Unusual soft toys, wall hangings and storage

Spottiswoode Trading sell unusual soft toys and nursery products, wall hangings, toys, storage and pyjama cases. Alot of ther toys can be personalised . All are bright, classic and super safe for little ones. Look at this gorgeous garden playmat for a little one.

They have fabulous wall hangings and calenders, gorgeous pj cases that can be personalised

Lovely safe and tactile toys

and some nifty storage idea like the wall hanging storage we chose to review

This is perfect for my sons door to keep his DSi, his camera, the latest copy of the beano and his adored Moshi Monster collectors guide and catapult (?!) all in one really convenient and easy to find place and offer the floor!

This currently costs just £10 and I think it is a handy little storage solution.

These are their carry all bags just £14 and they open up completely flat to gather everything in then drawstring together. Wow! £14

An unusual and rather lovely website.



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