Sporty Stories for Sports Relief



Do you fancy downloading a little book of sporty stories to read to your child? These stories have been written by some fab bloggers:

Emma Bradley

Sally Whittle

Emma Conway

Penny Alexander

Kirsty Hornblow

Rebecca English

Otilia Stocks

and me!

Huge thanks To Alice Hassell for motivating and organising us!

The book can be yours in return for a donation to sports relief. Simply make the donation HERE and leave a comment in this blog posts saying me please and I will send the book to you.

Full of lovely sporty stories about darts and horse riding, running and ballet and much more …don’t miss it!


Team Honk have been fund-raising for Comic Relief and Sports relief over the last few years.These fabulous chairties help  with amazing projects for those in need allover the world form basketball coaching to life saving mosquito nets. Every single £1 makes a difference to someone’s life. Team Honk is made up of a wide group of bloggers all doing their bit please, consider buying a book (£1 donation is just peachy)  and being part of Team Honk and changing a life  in 2016 xxx


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