Splats – Make Splashing in puddles even more fun!

My kids love their splats, they work well and are super cute.

Over at the Splats website  you can find a whole rainbow of coloured Splats
If you haven’t heard of Splats I’m pretty sure you soon will. Splats are like a flexible less restrictive welly only much better in lots of ways. Splats were created  by Rainbow and Amy, two North London mums . They found wellies really weren’t working for their kids they found them bulky clumsy and  ill-fitting.

So they set about finding a solution and Splats were born.

We are loving the Splats we were sent to review, they are light, leak proof and really bendy which is fab for jumping (which is what puddles were invented for !)

The colours are great and the style is very cute but it’s definitely the functionality that makes them a winner in my eyes.

They have  form fitting insoles for comfort and an adjustable velcro strap to help keep water out, high visibility reflective detail, low profile non-slip sole and a waterproof breathable membrane. They really do the job.
Tonight my son and his Splats are off on a cub scout torch lit jaunt by the river in the dark. He will be wearing his trusty splats as the grounds a bit wet and slippy after rain today.
(Not that I won’t worry anyway !)
Thanks to Splats for sending us 2 pairs of Splats to review, we think they are rather fab! Sizes range from 8-1 which is a shame because I’d like some!


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