Getting Messy with Music

Persil sent me a pack full of bits and bobs with the aim of encouraging my family to  start getting messy with music and start carrying out some of the activities found in the pack.

Creativity Rocks!

We made a drum, a guitar (out of cardboard and an icecream tub). We made a rock bandanna out of feathers  and glue. We facepainted too! As you can imagine paints, glue bits of feather were everywhere, cardboard was all over the floor and it was definitely rather messy. But did we care…no we were rocking!

This play combined creativity, role play and a bit of singing, we had tons of fun. We just had to perform for the rest of the family.

and here is a close up of our rather fab guitar

My daughter was very patient with me as I fumbled trying to put on elastic band ‘guitar strings’ When I got frustrated she told me to ‘leave it and dont worry mummy it’s only pretend’

So wise at 5!

If you are interested in Persil’s Get  Messy With Music’ campaign do check out for loads of insopiring messy and musical ideas!


Disclaimer: Persil sent me a mosh and wash pack and a bunch of crafting bits and bobs as well as some washing dertergent to help us out afterwards !



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