What my dad taught me about simplifying Christmas.

Simplifying Christmas

What simplifying Christmas means to me is making it all  about traditions and not things. Not worrying about money or masses of presents or complicated arrangements. Just simple traditions that year after year bring joy and meaning to our Christmas.

Each year at Chrsitmas when we were children  my gorgeous, generous dad would insist we parted with 3  toys each, they had to be nice, complete and in excelent condition. These would go to Barnardos to children less fortunate than us. It cleared the way for new toys and  helped someone else and made us pause in our greedy christmas clamouring for more stuff. Even if just for a brief moment.

Now I  encourage my children to do the same. It keeps Christmas about more than just the ‘getting.’ There are children way more needy than them in this world and they need to understand they are lucky.


I know I have already been suggesting Oxfam Unwrapped as an alternative gift ifdea to you but in this post I want to to be more specific, There is an option to gift a very special gift and I want to share this with you.

Before I had children I was a social worker and psychotherapist and I worked with some very vulnerable children

There is a gift option with Oxfam Unwrapped to purchase care for a vulnerable child. This isn’t an easy to talk  about option, like for example, buying toys and books might be, but it’s crucial:

Here’s what Oxfam have to say:

Children can suffer from HIV and AIDS in more ways than one – and our support takes many forms. We offer medical support for sick children, emotional support when a child’s family has been devastated, and shelter, financial support and help in developing leadership skills when they are left to lead their family.


Please consder this it could be a family gift from your family to another who so desperately needs support.

Thanks for reading this post.

I hope your Christmas is simply lovely x



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  1. naomi
    November 16, 2010 / 7:12 am

    Its funny but we do this at holiday time and we also do this at birthdays. Thye choose the toys but we also encourage them to part with some – especially the ones we don’t believe in such as guns, and destroyer toys. I thought I was the only one.

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