Autumn Clothes Shopping at Debenhams

Shopping at Debenhams

So Autumn is here and it is time to get cosy.

I love Autumn I love the crunchy leaves and the misty mornings. I love picking apples and making pies with dollops of custard. I love the fair the comes to town and winter boots. I love bonfire night, hot soup and thinking about making a fire. Most of all I love that we get all warm and snuggly, ready for the long winter.



Autumn clothes shopping is a pure delight and I love to see what Debenhams have in store. Not only are they a great value and quality store they always have a good range. Here are a few of my favourite items for the new season

Autumn Clothes from Debenhams, Shopping at Debenhams


Blue is in this season apparently. I have just come back from the Mad Blog Awards and there was a sea of blue dresses. On trend or not I like blue because it is slimming, classic and I think it makes me look a bit more jolly than black. Such sophisticated reasoning!

There are some real bargains to be had at Debenhams at the moment so it really is well worth a visit.   If you are looking to save money on your Autumn shopping (which I know you are- that’s why you are here! ) why not have a look at Zeek

Have you heard of Zeek? Zeek is a gift voucher marketplace where you can buy and sell gift vouchers and cards. So many of us have have gift cards lying around unused  or unwanted it’s great to be able to get something for them.

Also  if you want to make immediate savings with Zeek you could buy a gift card for Debenhams (or lots of stores) for less than it’s actual value e.g  £150  worth of vouchers for just £138

Plus if you invite friends to Zeek you get £5, they get £5, everybody gets £5! Basically you earn £5 for every new friend who joins and makes their first purchase.So if you use my code to sign into Zeek we are both winners! How cool is that!

Another way to make savings when shopping at Debenhams is to hunt for online voucher codes. You could try somewhere like  or  whichever comes up when you google Debenhams and voucher codes!

There are always ways to save money when you are shopping and it really doesn’t take long to explore the options.



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