Bright Horizons Family Recipes

I just love to cook with my kids.

I think it is  important that children feel really comfortable in the kitchen and know how to do the basics so they can build on this and become healthy self sufficient students at some point, rather than dependent on junk food, snacks and take outs!

Hence I was delighted to be asked to try out a recipe from the new Bright Horizons preschool in Barford family cook book with my daughter.

She was also sent a doodle apron – have you seen these? They are just fab. You can colour them in and then give them a wash and ping they are all clean and then you can colour them in all over again. Great fun . (these are availble from Amazon at £11.50)


The lovely little cookbook form Bright Horizons Nursery has some lovely simple rcipes and we made a really simple carrot and apple salad perfect for the school pack up


20ml Lemon juice

144g sultana

960g red apples

960g fresh carrots


Wash the fruit and beg, peel carrots and grate into long starnds

Core apples chop in dices, Dip into lemon juice to stop browning. Mix carrots and apples with sultanas and  chill before serving.

So easy and so good  for a child to get involved making. Watch them on that grater though!


You can find lots of great recipes and other fab resources over on the bright horizions website  Do you cook with your child?






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