The Fabulous Scottish Book Trust

The Scottish Book Trust really is pretty amazing!

It is Scotland’s leading agency for the promotion of literature, reading and writing.


The organisation works with writers, children, teachers, librarians, parents and readers from all backgrounds to spread a love of books and reading.

It’s a far reaching and dynamic  organisation and I think it is pretty wonderful.

Here are just 5 reasons why…..

  • On their website they provide book recommendations for all ages, a BookTalk podcast and details of book events in Scotland
  • The book rust also has a  writer development programme which provides support, training and funding for new and established writers living in Scotland.
  • For  teachers and learning professionals it provides details about projects, events and teaching resources to bring literature alive in the classroom. They also provide funding for author events.
  • And for young families they provide free book bags for under fives as well as providing Bookbug Songs and Rhyme sessions, and lots of ideas about sharing books with young readers.

How fab is all that!

To support the book trust Scottish Friendly has been running a children’s book tour for the last 14 years. The book tour takes the very best UK and international authors directly into schools across Scotland and England to inspire a love of reading, illustration and writing and reaches on average of 6000 children each year. Blimey!

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour looks great fun.

The tour  kicked off 2014 with award winning author Jonathan Meres.

My two lucky kids got to go and see him last half term at their local library. Apparently he was really funny and it encouraged both of them to get stuck into his books. So thanks for that Jonathan.

I love them to love to read.



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