DIY On A Budget: Simple Changes That Will Transform Your Nursery

We spend months preparing a baby’s room, putting so much time and money into this one little room. The reality is that our babies usually spend the first six months in our bedroom and then, once they’ve moved into their own room, they grow so fast that after a few months they’ve outgrown it and it’s time to redecorate again! However, if you are canny it doesn’t have to cost the earth, as clever little changes can have a big effect. Babycentre have some great ideas on how to create your toddler’s room on a budget. 

transform your nursery

Grown-up bed

Moving from a cot to a bed can be a stressful time; however, a cot bed makes the transition from cot to bed very easy. Cot beds are low to the ground and of course are familiar to a baby. If you don’t have a cot bed you can still make this an easy transition by making it an exciting time – make a big deal about them being a big girl/boy and let them pick their own headboard for instance… you could have a look on the computer with them and see what they pick out – would be a great starting point as there is a lot to chose from.

Stimulate the senses

It’s not just babies who enjoy a sensory experience, so make the room bright and colourful, somewhere your little one loves to play. Roomtogrow tells us what different colours mean and what effect they will have on the room. Toddlers love to touch and feel, so throw some beanbags and floor cushions around and sew on some stimulating fabrics, like towelling, netting or crunchy ‘foil’. You could make this a little reading corner, just put some books in baskets and scatter them around. This is cheaper than a bookcase and is also safer (book cases can be pulled on top of a child very easily). 

Storage solutions

Door hangers are a cheap storage solution that are great for storing little items like shoes and small toys. Toy boxes are good for just chucking the toys in and closing the lid, but if you want your child to be independent and pick up their own toys, get some storage shelving that houses plastic boxes kids can pull out like a drawer.


Removable stickers

These are great fun and there are so many to choose from. And of course they can be removed when your child has grown out of them or replaced with a different set.

Creative corner…

Toddlers love to draw, so a cheaper and space-saving alternative to a blackboard easel is blackboard wall stickers. You can also get magnetic, mirror, and wipe-away coverings too. Drawing encourages your child to express him or herself and helps to develop their fine motor skills, and the mirror covering will help them develop a sense of self.


There really is no limit to what you can do. You don’t need to spend lots of money, just adapt what you have and accessorise. Most importantly, be led by your child and have fun – he or she will soon tell you if they are happy with it… or definitely if they are not!




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