Schleich Dinosaurs

According to those in the know over on Instagram it is Dinovember as of Sunday (I am still unsure what this means but Instagram I am pretty sure will be full of dinosaurs. my son has plated with dinosaurs for years and years and still loves them. We were absolutely delighted to receive some to review his week and they were from Schleich.


Schleich make the very best of toy animals and we have a fair few. According to my kids you really can never have enough. We were sent Anhanguera and Spinosaurus Schleich Dinosaurs  (oh yes I had never heard of them either). They are rather spectacular looking dinosaurs and I was rather disconcerted to find them hanging out with several other dinos around the bath last night.


Today they are starring in a home animation movieand they went to see great grandma this morning. I think you can say they have been really enjoyed and rather a key part of our half term.


What I like best about toy figures such as the ones made by Schleich is there ability to encourage a child’s imagination. I don’t think that should ever be underestimated . So whilst flashy electronic state of the art toys may be on the Christmas list I would always always advise an inanimate toy of brilliant quality like Schleich toys too to give flight to your child’s stories and to keep them creative.

Dinosaurs add a sense of history and the unknown in to the mix and transport children to a different time and a different world part fact part fiction. How fabulous. May their interest in history ignite and their imagination soar.




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