Savvy shopping and saving with KidStart

Savvy shopping and saving with kidstart  – a guest post from Liz from LivingwithKids (

It’s no secret that I’m a dedicated shopper and bargain hunter, but I prefer to do most of my shopping online, because I find it much easier to buy what I need without someone saying in my ear ‘can I have this Mum? Can you get me this Mum?’ every few minutes. So it still amazes me when a mum tells me she’s never used before. It’s so easy!

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Saving with KidStart

All you have to do is register (takes less than a minute), then when you’ve logged in you look for the retailer you want to shop at – there are over 320 of them, including

John Lewis,






plus holiday companies – including

Virgin Holidays     and

Walt Disney World Florida


Click on the link and you’re taken to the retailer’s website. You buy what you need, just like you normally would… but the bonus is your ‘Kiddibank’ gets credited with a percentage of what you’ve spent (the savings are all clearly explained on the site). And you can also get KidStart savings in the high street at

House of Fraser


JoJo Maman Bébé

(You don’t have to be a mum to use KidStart btw – anyone can use it!) Take it from me, it’s a really satisfying feeling to watch your Kiddibank balance grow. There’s absolutely no catch, I promise, no fees to pay or anything like that. I’m not just saying it, I honestly don’t know why you’d do your shopping any other way.~ Liz x

Thanks, Liz, it sounds fantastic. I am going to give this a little go and post my review very soon. Thanks for sharing! I did here at a school mums coffee morning the other day a really savings-savvy mum talking about KidStart and how fabulous it was. They do have a great reputation. I hope you have found this post on saving with KidStart to be useful – you might also like my post on ways to save money on baby items


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