Saving the pennies with a packed lunch

Today – Saving the pennies with a packed lunch

If you go out to work I wonder if you have ever considered your expenses?

What do you spend on clothes for work? Dry cleaning? What are your travel costs? Do you have to contribute to union funds, sponsoring peoples, kids , a tea and cake kitty? Are work nights out an additional expense and one you are expected to take part in?

Going to work can be expensive!

One of the biggest unseen expenses of going to work is often the coffee on the way or the lunch time run for sandwiches or a quick trip to a cafe.

Just for a week It would be useful to keep track of what you spend on refreshments. I think you would be very surprised at what you spend.

The good news is that you can tackle this expenditure really, really easily and get into good habits around your daily drinks and lunch.

I love one cup coffee filters… they work out about 20p a coffee and you can buy an inexpensive thermal cup and take a hot drink with your every morning to work of good coffee. Pays for itself in about 2 days!


Saving the pennies with a packed lunch

In terms of packed lunches making your own can be done in the time it takes to make your own coffee and it really will save you a lot of money. There are many different types of Food Packaging available. You can see a huge range at  R+R Packaging

When it comes to my kids I tend to buy patterned lunch bags so they don’t go off a character and demand a new one!  I actually have a really nice flowery lunch bag that makes me happy to take a packed lunch out!

Saving the pennies with a packed lunch


Over on the One Show Dom Littlewood showed how over £1000 a year could be saved by making packed lunches ! Now thats a holiday isn’t it. Now thatsWAY more than  Saving the pennies with a packed lunch thats saving a fortune.

The key to it is ..get in a good packed lunch making routine, make sure you ring in the changes don’t just have cheese sarnies every day, make it colourful and interesting (try various fruit and veg to get this effect) and be prepared. Put packed lunch items at the TOP of your shopping list.You can definitely saved pounds not just pennies with packed lunches.

I hope you have found my post on saving the pennies with a packed lunch to be useful. Youc an see a lot more of my money saving posts here









  1. Becca Masters
    June 2, 2013 / 3:18 pm

    one cup coffee filters! THEY ARE AMAZING. especially if you can’t stand instant coffee like me. good call on them. When at work they are a weekly staple for me!
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  2. November 18, 2017 / 11:22 am

    The post is amazing! It has a very much increased efficiency.

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