Saving Energy in the Kitchen during Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week is just around the corner and is really important event for anyone on a budget to take notice of. It runs from 20-24th October and to celebrate Netmums and British Gas have teamed up. They are going to be providing lots of facts, hints and tips to help families save energy around the home. They will be focusing on a new room every door some make sure you bookmark the page.

It is such a good idea to take on board energy saving habits and bring down these energy bills I would totally recommend hopping over and having a look at these energy saving ideas.

I work in the kitchen during the day at a little desk and I strive hard to keep my energy use low. Here is what I do…it may sound a little odd but it works for me.


Saving energy in the kitchen

I don’t want to be heating the whole house when only I am at home so I heat me instead. I always wear thermal socks in the cooler months and have even been known to type with a woolly hat on. I insulate with layers of t shirts thin jumpers and cardigans so I can adjust easily to how cool I am feeling. I keep myself warmed up with hot drinks and I shut all connecting doors. I tend to eat soup for lunch which warms me to my toes!

I have a little draught excluder at the bottom of the kitchen door and I try to fill my slow cooker early in the morning so warm, tasty smells make me feel cosy through the day.


During Big Energy Week I plan to try even harder and we are going

1) To cook some new recipes in the Slow cooker as it is more cost effective
2) Try and not use the drier but time it so the radiators take the strain.
3) Only use the dishwasher once a day
4) Use insulating tape around the windows where needed.

Spending our savings.

I don’t know exactly but I believe keeping the heating off whilst the kids are at school saves me a fair few pounds certainly enough to treat us to some seasonal delights come Christmas. I always like to invest in a few new Christmas ornaments, a popcorn fuelled Christmas trip to the Movie, a few special tins of biscuits and a meal out to usher in the Christmas season. Good habits saving energy can certainly lead to some lovely treats.

You can keep up with all that is going on during Big Energy Saving Week by following @BritishGas #BESW  on twitter from 20th -24th October.

I got to ask a question of a British Gas Engineer over at the hub and my question was ….

What is your top money saving heating tip?

and they said …..
If you have a room thermostat – keep the heat in. Whether it’s full insulation measures & double glazing or heavy curtains and draught excluders, the longer you can keep the property above the temperature on the thermostat the less the boiler works and the less gas you use. If you don’t have a room thermostat – look into getting one fitted.


I would love to hear what you have planned to  make extra energy savings.




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