2 easy ways to save over £250 through your water usuage


A recent survey was carried out on water usage in UK homes. It looked at several areas where people could save money and water.

There are some significant savings to be had. Here are a few examples from the survey…


Q.  Do you turn the tap off when you brush your teeth?

A. It turns out  35% of people leave the tap on whilst brushing their teeth. People who turn it off save 7,300 litres of water a year, which equates to £70.81 for one tiny simple habit change,


Q. Do you have a bath or a shower?

A. Apparently 22% of people tended to have a bath rather than showers. If these baths were swapped for showers they could save a whopping £198.27 a year.


The survey also looks at the cost of dripping taps and the benefits of shorter showers and using rainwater. Do have a look at the results they are fascinating and inspiring. You can find the full survey at Water Usage Survey over at online pump supplies.

Simple maths, easy changes and significant savings. These are the kind of money saving tips I like.


Water aid charities do vital work and wouldn’t it be lovely to help them with some of your savings. My gorgeous niece Charlie age 11 gave all of her birthday money to a Water aid charity this year. Here are a list of some who could do with your support.



save money on water

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