Save money and reduce waste with Stroppymoo


Stroppymoo is such a funny name for a product don’t you think? I actually think it’ s rather fabulous!

For years barbers would “strop” their razors up and down leather straps before shaving their customers, the Stroppymoo effectively replicates that process for modern multi blade razors.


Did you know razor blades are one of the most stolen items from supermarkets? They need replacing so quickly don’t they and it’s just a never ending expense (unless you grow a really big bushy beard – which actually seems to have been what has happened!)

Stroppymoo works on all razor blades that you can  buy in a supermarket or chemist : Wilkinson Sword, Bic, Gillette, King of Shaves, Boots and supermarket own brand. This includes single and multi-blade razors and includes disposables.It extends their life from days to months and pays for itself really quickly.

Stroppymoo maintains and prolongs their sharpness, so that, day after day, you get a close, comfortable shave, just as you would do with a new razor. How brilliant is that! No more need to grow that bushy beard (unless you want too of course.)

I also love that it reduces waste and so does it’s bit for the environment. Plus its easy to store and super easy to use. You simply stick it on to flat shiny surface, dollop on a bit of shaving cream and run your razor over it. Then simply wash, remove from your tiles or bath side and store.

I was so pleased to be sent one to sample. It worked perfectly for me and I am amazed how fresh it made my razor. It felt like a new razor each time and I got a great leg shave, every single time. So useful and such a great money saving idea!

Stroppymoo comes in pink or black and costs just £7.99 Well worth it! Click her to get your own Stroppymoo what a fabulous find.


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