Safe and Secure, Smart Meters and Saving Money

As you probably know I am trialing British Gas’s Safe and Secure home security system which is particularly brilliant for budgeters because it enables you to turn devices off at home from your mobile phone. How cool is that! So there is no need to leave them on standby all day. We have been so much more mindful since installing safe and secure about turning plugs off, I can see on my phone if we have or not and it calls me to action. I love the fact that I can leave the clothes in the dryer then turn the whole thing off later. Money saving on energy is vital to lowering those bills (I hasten to add I only use my dryer occasionally!)

This is not the only energy saving device that British Gas have launched they also have Remote Heating Control, a device that allows you to control your heating from your mobile from any location ( I can’t wait to use this) and  an Electric Vehicle charging solution and the smart meter that monitors your energy use. They are really on the ball.For example, in the U.S (who are slightly ahead of the U.K in rolling out smart meters), case studies were recently carried out to discover exactly how customers were using their smart meter to save money and energy. Their findings were quite remarkable with 98% of customers owning smart meters reporting a significant decrease in their bills.

Lots of bloggers are trialling these energy saving devises if you want to check out what they have to say, do take a look at

It’s great that real people are saying what they think!

Check out this useful infographic!

Britsih gas infographic, smart meter infographic,


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