Review: Vileda mop and bucket


THE SUPERMOCIO Vileda have created a new and improved version of the famous red SuperMocio and sent us one to review!

Designed to make mopping faster, easier and more effective, this  mop design is supposed to be the most technically advanced on the market.

1. A non-scratch scourer has been added to tackle those dried on tough marks.
2. The darker blue material is made from microfibre for those difficult marks. This also has the added benefit of Pick Up Pockets which is more absorbent than flat materials.
3. The outer fluffy strips are made from Collectex™, a material which is capable of collecting and trapping smaller crumbs and particles which have been left on the floor.

The mop also features a unique lemon shaped head which is cleverly designed to get into corners. The whole head can even be put into the washing machine and washed at up to 60 degrees! Now that is brilliant!

The mop is best used with the  Power Press Wringer in the bucket as this squeezes out the excess water and means it won’t damage the floor. Here is our review


For great cleaning advice it’s well worth checking out the  Vileda Clever Cleaner blog

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  1. carmel jeffery
    October 8, 2015 / 7:15 am

    after using the bucket mop twice the telescopic handle dropped to the short position and I can,t get it to extend to long handle. have tried everything it wont budge very disappointed as I dont have the receipt for it, I purchased it from coles ocean shores store NSW

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