Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House Review

Today – Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House Review

Sometimes toys still have the power to absolutely delight me and make me wish I was little again. This one has done that completely. It is so gorgeous I feel quite envious of my daughter and her lovely new dolls house. (She says I can play with it sometimes too.) Dolls house’s delight children for years. My 12 year old niece will happily still play with these. They are a good investment toy for endless play possibilities. In our house the fairies have apparently just moved in.


Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House Review

Sweetheart cottage was sent to us for review by Dollshouses.co.uk. It is flat packed on arrival which always fills me with dread..but it simply slots together and takes about 5-10minutes so no worries at all on that score.


It’s so lovely isn’t it?  She did such a good job arranging it all by herelf. Look this is upstairs..

Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House Review

and this was downstairs..

The details and colours are so lovely on this dolls house it really does look like a little home. Annalise said she wished she was small enough to live there. I think that’s because there were cakes!

The cottage retails for £82.99 and feels robust and well made. I am sure it will be played with for years to come and perhaps even handed down. It really is a little girls dream (and her mums!)


I hope you have found my  Sweetheart Cottage Dolls House Review useful. Such a lovely toy with so much play potential. You might also like my post on toys for endless play





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