Shoulder Buddies Review (great for giving kids confidence)

Today – Shoulder buddies review

Shoulder Buddies are little toy characters with crazy, colourful hair that sit on a child’s shoulder   Shoulder Buddies attach to a child’s clothing  with a  magical coin. The magic coin is actually magnetic and sits on the underside of their clothes. It is very strong and shoulder buddy stays put no matter if you hop skip or jump. I know my daughter tried to make him fall off but he stuck fast!

Each Shoulder Buddy has a unique design on its belly, a matching “Smarts” collector card and an identity of it’s own.

Shoulder Buddies Review


Shoulder buddies review

Kids can learn about confidence and much needed social skills with the included “Smarts” collector card which has a little motto on it. The cards also help them keep track of their collection

The first series sold out, so a new series of Shoulder Buddies are being launched for 2013!  There will be also a special series available called the Gemstone Shoulder Buddies, who are inspired by gemstones.

 What did we think of our shoulder buddies review

In love.

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My daughter is officially in love with Stormy her shoulder buddy. he has gone into school this week for show and tells (he was a big hit) She used her pocket money to buy another one off Amazon (see below) and she has built him a little house to sleep in out of boxes. She even wore him to church on Sunday.

My daughter is quite shy and I think having a little buddy on her should give her something to show off about and to get attention without her actually having to say anything if you know what I mean. It gives her a boost. And she talks to him!

He is adored.

I think we are going to end up with a little troop of these!  I hear there is going to be a little Hello Kitty one coming out with the 2013 buddies! Think that will be very popular!

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Shoulder Buddies Review


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