Profile of a Budgeting Mum: Hannah Clementson

Hi, what’s your name? Hannah Clementson – @hchclem

Hannah Clementson

Any kids? I have two beautiful sons aged 5 and 1 years of who are mostly the best of friends.

Do you work? Along with my blog work, I am a freelance communications and PR girl this aids my addiction in all things Social media and business.

What are your childcare arrangements? My childcare arrangements are mainly built around my ability (or attempt) at working around the children. Should an appointment arise where I will need to be elsewhere and I have given enough notice, my other half will book the time off, otherwise I ask nicely to family and friends.

How do you manage for money? Work is slow for me at the moment but my other half earns enough for us to live. We are desperately trying to save for a mortgage but it’s just so hard and our savings keep getting swallowed by other factors like the car insurance.

Do you worry about money? I worry all the time about our money, I have a home book where I write our in and outgoings but have been found short a few times.

What do you waste money on? We waste money on take out and chocolate. Me being the chocolate bar eater my partner being obsessed with Ben and Jerrys ice cream. But I do cook mainly all of our main meals from scratch… so that’s allowed right? Another one is my partner is awful for getting money out of the ATM. £10 here and there soon add up.

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids? The main change since having our children is the ‘essentials’ that used to be clothes and gadgets for us are now occasional treats. The boys come first always. I also have learnt to spread our money out so I have numerous banks books for individual needs. For example, a book for rent, a book for bills etc. I am also trying to keep watch of our money online.

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. Using online banking allows you to watch where your money is coming in and out and shows your balance so you can set yourself a budget.

2. Cook meals from scratch instead of buying ready-made. As well as it being healthier it also makes your food bill cheaper.

3. Get crafty: Make gifts and presents from your children for people on special occasions. These will be more appreciated as people can see the time you have put in and also helps you to save the pennies.

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  1. Jan Hewitt
    February 15, 2013 / 2:20 pm

    Hi, you are so right about making meals from scratch. You get 2 benefits firstly, it saves money and secondly, it is much healthier. So, if you have the time it’s well worth making the effort.
    Jan x

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