Review: Scrunch Buckets

Funkit World sent me some  Scrunch-buckets! Yes, I thought what on earth are they too!! 

Well here you go….The Scrunch-bucket, is  ‘a UK designed and award-winning, collapsible bucket made from silicone with a rope and solid silicone handle, is available in nine bright colours. Designed by two mothers to look good and feel good, it rolls, folds and scrunches!’

Its really lots of fun you just want to squidge it!

They are fab for children, at home and outdoors; for camping and caravanning; for sailing and the seaside; for gardening, for storing little things, for carrying little things, for moshi monster cards, for marbles , for a bag full of sweeties…I could go on. They are adorable!! They have so much going for them…..Ours currently have best quest cards in one, a bit of mud in another,  fairies in another and some stones in another. Fab! At least they look pretty

  • Easy to store – take it on the road or stow at home
  • Washable – easy to keep clean
  • Non-toxic – it can double as a dog bowl or a plant holder
  • Strong – it’s made to last whatever you throw into it
  • Durable – it’ll hold its shape and look good for years

I love that you can just carry it in your pocket, who knows when you might need a little bucket particularly for sandcastles, putting pencils in , plants in, keys in ..the options are endless!)

These are for sale  at M & S, Early Learning Centre, John Lewis and other department stores and the RRP is £6.99

scrunch bucket

What would you do with yours?


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