Review: Monsuno Strike Sector Combat Set and Monsuno Cores

Monsuno toys have been voted one of the Top Toys for Christmas 2012 by The Entertainer, these collectable die-cast metal Monsuno cores are based on battling monster creatures from the Monsuno show which is shown on Nicktoons.

Produced by the fab toy company Flair the Monsuno Strike Sector Combat Set is a fast action battle arena with launch ramp for spinning collectables and battling monsters. The product is aimed at boys approximately 6-10 years old and perfect for boys who love figures (and I suspect those who enjoyed Bakugan – though I have it on good authority this is WAY cooler.) These retail at about £19.99

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Now asking me to explain all the rules to you, what the cards mean and all that palavar is never going to happen. I have tried and failed to understand many of my sons games though his Dad gets them in an instant. I do understand lego and Moshis but otherwise boys toys are a bit complex for me! I did love to see the monsters pop out though and the spinning cores and I am determind  to learn how to play this. Here is whatIi understand so far (aided in the telling buy my 8 year old.)

Along with the combat sat there are some great cores to collect. Monsuno Cores are capsules with a fast spinning action and a powerful Monsuno Monster concealed within  . On impact the monster springs out of the core)  … and then it is ready for battle.  These retail at about £8.99

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We also got sent for review a motorised Wild Core, these cores can be spun into action and the idea is you aim your regular Monsuno core at it in order for it to spring open!


A Monsuno wild core costs around £14.50 and they are avaibale from Amazon and all good toy shops

monsuno, christmas toys 2012, monsuno wild coreThere are also trading cards and the comabt set comes with lovely zipped bag to keep everything together (my favourite bit!!) How sensible!

To say my son is thrilled with this is an understatement. I know I am going to be badgered for many more cores and bits and bobs that go with this set. We have never even watch the program and he adores these toys already!

Will be a big christmas hit I think


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  1. Polly
    October 4, 2012 / 7:59 am

    Your review sums up the mood in our home regarding Monsuno toys very well. Definitely will be getting some more for Christmas…

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