Review: Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale Playdoh Set.

We got sent this fab  PLAY-DOH fairy tale set to review. Little Red Riding Hood is one of my daughters favourite books and despite being a pre-reader she will sit for ages looking at the book and telling herself the story
You use the bed mold to create the grandma and wolf characters from the Little Red Riding Hood story and the character presser and cutter to set up the scene. Then, read along on the playmat and act out the story as you go! Little Red Riding Hood has a basket and a Play doh cape and you get a bed and a mold, a playmat, little Red Riding Hood herself and the woodcutter and playdoh uis included. We have had loads of fun with it, following the traditional story and making up our own too. Great stuff. We love play doh and this combines following a story too.
Other sets include the Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel.
These are definately going on the Christmas lisr!


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