Review: Lite Sprites – top new toy of 2011

Lite sprites are just absolutely magical, really lovely toys that bring hours of fun. These Sprites live in a world called lite-topia and they are basically light and colour changing sprites activated by a wand!

Lite Sprites

I am going to have to show you through our own vlog but first check this quick commercial out so you can see all the sprites and sets in action

When we were setting this up for my daughter to play with we played with it for about 1/2 hour ourselves it’s great fun. The wand has games on it and a variety of ten colours to change the sprites but you can also use it to absorb colour from your surroundings and change the sprites to that colour too. They look amazing in the dark!

I haven’t seen a toy as much fun in ages! Here’s Annalise in her (v untidy!) bedroom demonstring the wand:

When you try it at home it’s the bottom of the wand you use to absorb colour from any flat surface not the tip (ahem) but as this was out 4th take I’ve left it in!!!

The Story Behind the Lite Sprites
The story goes that the four Sprites live in Lite-Topia and form the sisterhood of light. Brook’s special colour is blue, Meadow’s is green, Astra’s magical colour is yellow and last but not least we have Bleak, who stands out from the rest. She has no special colour because she was raised in the dark. Because of this, she is the naughty sprite who goes around causing havoc and stealing the other Sprites’ colours.

However thankfully, one of the Lite Sprites, Prisma, who is a princess comes with a special wand that can not only transform colors by taking them from any surface and casting color spells onto the playset and Sprites, but can give Bleak colour too, so that she can become good and stop steeling from her sisterhood. In fact Prisma’s special wand is sure to break the spell that Bleak is under and make the whole of Lite-Topia shine with wonderful magic.

 The Lite Sprites magic wands have many other special features too. They have an inbuilt colour library with 10 colors, can turn Sprites’ colours and even offer 3 different games to play: Colour Mix, Colour Hunt and Memory. Each time your little girl casts a spell with her magical wand the wand makes enchanted sounds to make the experience even more realistic and special.

Prisma and her wand cost £29.99 RRP and  Lite Sprites, Astra, Meadow, Brooke and Bleak cost £14.99 The stunning range will include four interactive playsets that magically light up with colour by themselves or by using the magical colour transfer powers of the Lite Sprites and the Lite Wand. The playsets cost £19.99 RRP each have a special movement that triggers a beautiful colour display and comes with a range of beautiful accessories. The Tree Of Lite playset will be£39.99 and has colour, light, sparkle and sound. Hang the Sprites in their pods in its special canopy and it’ll magically turn through a rainbow of colours as it spins around. Includes a magical, light upstaircase, a working elevator and a host of exciting accessories.

The Lite Sprites from WowWee will be available from July 2011 and are suitable for ages 4+ and over. They can be built up  over time to a really speclal playset collection. I predict this will be very big this Christmas. I would have loved one of these sets.

These will be out in the UK sometime this month and will be avaibale form all good toyshops including Argos and of course online too.

I am quite giddy about these fab toys and want the whole set…for Annalise of course!


We were sent Prisma, the wand, the waterfall and Bleak to review.



  1. July 8, 2011 / 6:10 pm

    These look lots of fun, I’m sure my children would love one! My only concern is the amount of make up the little girl on the ad is wearing!

  2. Chuggington trains
    July 22, 2011 / 10:25 am

    It really looks interesting and the video is very exciting.

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