Review: Good Value Children’s Playhouses

My children have had a little plastic playhouse for a long time. Both of them are now a bit too big for it and instead1 of playng in it they store things in there. They longed for a proper playhouse  a place thet thy could both go to – a little space of their own but not so ‘babyish’ and small. I thought I would be looking at about £700-£1000 to get a tree house or anything resembling what they wanted  and to be honest when I started researching I did find a lot of VERY expensive childrens playhouses.

But I also found this site: Garden Buildings Direct. A friend of mine had bought a home office from them and I was intrigued as lots of their ads said they were very reasonable.  Indeed Garden Buildings Direct do have a huge range of wooden playhouses within a really good price bracket

Mad Dash Lollipop Junior Wooden Playhouse Including Floor  £189

Mad Dash Peardrop Junior Two Storey Wooden Playhouse Including Floor £289.90

We settled on this one…..

Mad Dash Lollipop Junior Tower Wooden Playhouse Including Floor £269.90

I’ve just made a video log of the kids playing in it which I will edit and show you next week. But they love it, they absolutely love it. The house is very quiet!

I think the prices are great! Obviously at that price you are looking at self assembly and we paid to have ours put together ( we are not a ‘handy’ family!) But nevertheless excellent value and a really good looking sturdy playhouse.

Garden Buildings Direct sell far more than playhouses; they sell log cabins, sheds, summer houses, green houses and workshops. Shall I show you my fantasy garden workshop ?


How lovely – I can just imagine it with  a little desk and pc, a big vase of flowers, some journals and a mini firdge  I would need a bigger garden and it would set me back £699 but oh it ould be divine!

This is a lovely store with a wide variety of garden buildings to suit a range of budgets.

Garden Buildings Direct Reviews are excellent and well worth checking out.

Tree house in our garden

Garden Buildings Direct provided me with thie playhouse for the purpose of review.


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  1. Sam Bramwell
    September 12, 2017 / 1:41 pm

    Thanks for the positive review Becky. The playhouse looks great!

    -Sam Bramwell

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