Review: Fudgy Bear

Let me introduce you to Fudgy bear and his books
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The books retail at £5.99 and Fudgy is £18.99
Fudgy is a lovely quality teddy bear who comes with books of his advntures as well as his own shopping bag.  My daughter found it great fun to sit Fudgy on her knee and read all about his adventures.  Fudgy is truly a high quality bear suitable from birth with his name on his bow and embroidered on his foot. He is very snuggly.
The books were very simple and straightforward and this appeals greatly to young children difficult names or made up words! They contained lots of photos with Fudgy placed within them so it looked as though he was actually there at the zoo or farm having his adventures  The text is informative and eductional whilst still being lots of fun and it is written in a very interesting way with lot sof different font and tells you all about Fudgys trips! Great fun..
My daughter loved having the actual Teddy that was the star of the books she was reading
Although the books were nice quality it did look a little photo-shopped on occasion. Annalise could not have cared less and these books actually inspired her to take her cuddly horse out and phoptograph hin in lots of situations. I think she really liked the home made look of the stories and it is lovely they originally came about as a book from a mum to her son.
You can read more about Fudgy Bear and his adventures by following him onTwitter or Facebook – how cool is Fudgey bear! Fudgy also has his own blog
Annalise has asked for the books to be read lots of time (she is 4) and she has slept with Fudgy quite a few times. WE may be making our own book of Fudgy up the tree house and taking our own photos sometime soon!
This would make a lovely gift .

We received Fudagy and his books for the purpose of this review.


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