How to Keep Your Suitcase Slimmed Down This Summer



Keep Your Suitcase Slimmed Down


Keep Your Suitcase Slimmed Down

Doyou struggle to keep your suitcase slimmed down? Packing for holiday can be very stressful but even more so if you have young children. It can be hard trying to remember everything you need, as well as making sure it all fits into your luggage allowance. New lightweight styles of baby clothes and children’s clothes can be a great solution to this problem, making your suitcase less heavy and giving you more space. They can also be cooler during the hotter months, so can prevent your children from overheating.


Suitcase slim down tips

If you are going to a hot destination, then you can just pack more shorts and skirts instead of jeans and trousers that tend to take up more room. One or two cardigans will be sufficient for the evenings or travelling, as well as one pair of trousers. Cotton ones are ideal as they are less heavy than jeans or other manmade materials and also more breathable, making them ideal for the summer. Dresses are even more lightweight as they are all in one, so it saves packing a skirt and a top for you or your little girl.

Lightweight jackets and coats are more common now, as they can be folded up and packed away into a little drawstring bag. They are often waterproof as well, so are great for preparing for rainy days. You can find these for both girls and boys, in different colours and designs, so there is something to suit every child.

Make sure you pack summer hats for your children to prevent their heads from getting burnt or getting heat stroke. They will act as a shield from the sun and its harmful UV rays

Breathable shoes are also a must to keep feet cool especially when walking long distances. Sandals and flip flops are ideal for the beach as they are open-toed and allow the skin to breathe.

Summer clothes for girls can be really fun. Most dresses have flowery patterns or incorporate other summery designs. Pinks, yellows, whites, oranges and lilacs are all great colours for the hotter months. Fuchsia can add personality to an outfit and make them stand out. Polka dots, hearts and stars are also nice ,designs to have.

Boys can wear lighter colours in the summer, such as white, orange, yellow, turquoise or aqua and other light blues and greens. Stripes are always a hit and can make an outfit look more interesting. A Union Jack design can be very boyish and represent a hint of football, which is something that might appeal to young boys. Checked patterns are also quite popular, especially on shirts and can look smart, making them ideal for smarter occasions or eating out in the evening.

You could always pack slightly less clothes and wash them there using travel wash. If you are staying in a villa or apartment, they may even have a washing machine available for you to use, so it is well worth looking into this before you leave.

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  1. July 22, 2011 / 6:46 am

    I don’t like to take too many clothes on holiday as I know my boys can wear things a couple of times especially if it is hot. All they seem to wear are trunks and they can be rinsed out every night. My boys don’t have many clothes as it is.

  2. July 22, 2011 / 11:43 am

    Good tips, thanks for sharing…

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