Review: Earth Friendly Kids

With earth day round the corner (22ndApril!) it seem right to be reviewing green products  and these toiletries really are pure. Earth friendly kids are a pure and natural range of toiletries for kids at a good price. Ingredients are oragnic, plant derived, non animal tested, free of colour, synthetic fragrances and parabens and suitable for vegans. It has little superheroes figuring on the front which the kids might like too.

We tried minty lavender bodywash (and shampoo) which smelt lovely and got rid of the tatoos! £4.08

We tried the hand wash too (£4.08)for all of us and again this seemed effective and gentle  (and is supposed to prevent little ones getting dry hands)

We tried the body lotion (£5.10) which again comes in zingy citrus or minty lavender and it was smopoth fragrant and easy to pump.

Lastly we tried the wipes which were hypollergenic, alcohol and fragrance free and did just the job, 100% biodegradeable and flushable too. The only problem I have with these is at £2.49 for 6o I would spend too much…. my kids get through a lot!  It isn’t cheap to buy green toiletries but where you can it is importnat. These are much cheaper then most and were truly lovely quality.


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