Review Dove Pure and Sensitive Cream Bar

I love it when something inexpensive turns our to be a real luxury.

No I am not talking about chocolate (though actually it fits!)

No, I am talking about Dove.

Review Dove Pure

2 bars cost just £1.67.

My thrifty OH was shocked on hearing the price of this because he said it felt ‘expensive and luxurious.’ I totally agree.

As a woman in my early forties, my skin is drier and seems more sensitive these days particularly it seems towards the chillier months. It needs more ‘protecting.’ Soap seems to dry out my skin and make it itchy. I found the Dove pure and sensitive bar  really gentle and moisturizsng, it felt quite healing.

Dove pure and sensitive has  no parabens or perfumes and a quarter if its make up is moisturisers. This is why it feels so creamy and clean.

Dry skin is a bit of an ongoing problem in our family. My son had eczema as a baby and I have frequent dry patches of skin that do get itchy. I do feel it is importnat to nurture and scare for our skin daily.

This week is National Eczema week and o Dove® Pure & Sensitive have formed a new partnership with the National Eczema Society to help people look after sensitive skin. They have some great tips such as

  • Try and keep to an even temperature
  • Self patch tests any new products
  • If you are sore avoid wool and man made fibres
  • avoid perfume and use non bio washing powder.

All sound advice.

We have loved trialling Dove  for our review we have used it on our faces and bodies and love its creaminess and simplictiy,

We are complete converts to this cleanisng bar and both feel better for using it. We would certainly buy it agian.


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