Review : CuddleUpPets

New for Flair’s Snuggle Pets collection this autumn are the CuddleUpPets, perfect for cuddles at bedtime and for playing. A CuddleUpPet is a cuddly blanket and a cute puppet.

These snug blankets have a unique puppet head and they will cuddle, hug are a great blanket too. They’re ideal when travelling or on the sofa watching TV or at bedtime. At bedtime it can be  cuddled during a story and then used as an aid to sleep.

You can choose from five cuddly and colourful animal blankets including a pink Poodle, brown Bear, blue Elephant, green Crocodile and orange Dog. We got sent pink poodle to review AKA Mr. Pinky Poodle (in our house.)  Annalise absolutely adores him. he has been to breakfast , to Tutbury castle for a picnic, she has told him all about her annoying brother and she laid him on my knees when I was reading a book. He has slept in her bed and is now a good treasured friend.

Snuggle Pets Cuddleuppets (Pink Poodle)


CuddleUpPets are just £19.99 and provide the perfect toy with a twist for bedtime!

Also in the set are brown bear,

Snuggle Pets Cuddleuppets (Brown Bear)Yellow Dog,  Green Crocodile and Blue Elephant

Snuggle Pets Cuddleuppets (Green Crocodile)

They are machine washable and a good size for young children and mummy’s legs. Available from Amazon. Pretty sure we will be getting another for Christmas.



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