Review: Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet

A popular TV favourite but new to us we were asked to   Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet .

Chloe is a four year old little girl ( in the cartoon!) who delights in playing dress up with her friends. We were sent Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet to review. We had never seen this cartoon but still  little Annalise was enchanted (to start with)

It is a very cute looking toy.

This little play set  includes a Chloe figurine, three outfits, three scene cards relating to each of the putfit and the magical closet. Annalise thought each time magic would happen and Chloe would be wearing her new outfit and sadly she was quiet disappointed with this toy. because it was called magical and the lights and sounds played she expected something to happen. Chloe is now with the other dolls int heir tub and does get played with but not as intended.

It retails at £25.61 on Amazon which I think is a lot considering its limitations



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